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Yoga at sunken meadow for The two approaches are not mutually exclusive, and both are commonly used in the same community. In China and Korea a geomancer is a man almost all are men of considerable reputation and influence and is consulted by those who can afford his services in all matters requiring the selection of building and burial sites and the best time to build structures or bury the dead. Some geomancers may also be involved in selecting the best day for a wedding.

The practice of feng shui is a product of the traditional Chinese cosmology and the multiplicity of religious systems that required specialists to interpret the cosmology and apply it to daily life for the commoners as well as the wealthy and powerful. Geomancers, along with fortune tellers and diviners who used scapulimancy and milfoil divining with the yarrow plant, were one category of such specialists.

Feng shui is one component of traditional Chinese folk religion, which differed over time and across regions but is considered a system of religious belief and practice distinct from the major Chinese traditions of Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism. Among the key beliefs that feng shui draws upon or is integrated with are a belief that the earth is a living organism, a belief in the duality and opposition of elements in the universe especially the forces of yin and yang, and ancestor worship and its elaborate associated funerary customs. Yoga at sunken meadow photos, Yoga at sunken meadow 2016.

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