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Who, assuming different roles out of his own free will, manifests himself as the different subjects and objects. This manifestation in different Yoga Sunbird Pose forms represents different states of his own self-manifestation, like the juice of the sugar cane and its products. There is nothing in this universe which is different from him. He is One because, as pure consciousness, he permeates all forms of his self-manifestation. Thus the supreme subject is the seer of all and therefore he experiences uniformity in all.

Therefore there is only one ultimate reality, the supreme illumination, which is the same as the ever-free pure consciousness, the supreme Lord, who manifests himself in different forms out of his own free will in the absence of any reality different from himself. Anything different from him, the pure self-effulgent illumination, would necessarily be unmanifest, and therefore would always be unknowable and unknown. As has been said: Whatever reality is designated as the ultimate reality, based on the concepts arising from the mental effort of those who indulge in philosophising, is in fact your Ithe supreme Lord’si own form, and nothing else. The rest is only a difference in opinion over the designation I name of the ultimate realityl among the Iso-called 1 learned. 28 Now an instance is cited to prove the falsity of delusion.

A snake does not exist in a rope, yet it can frighten someone to death. The power of delusion is so great that it is not possible to know its true nature. 28 Non-cognition of one’s true nature as fullness is delusion. Its great power, expressed in the manifestation of an apparent form completely different from its true nature, cannot even be imagined by anyone. To illustrate, a piece of rope, though existing as a real rope, appears erroneously as a snake on account of its length and coiled form.

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