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It may be asked whether his being is veiled by the three states. The reply given is that his nature cannot be Yoga Sukasana, Sukhasana Pose veiled by the three states. Thus the fourth abode appears always as manifested to all subjects on account of its transcendence and its permeating all the other states. The nature of the fourth state is not affected by the fact that its presence permeates all the three states. Thus the fourth state always remains full-in-itself unaffected by its presence in all the three preceding states.

The author Abhinavagupta describes the three states of waking, dreaming and dreamless sleep in terms given in the Upanisads, mentioning that the fourth state is beyond the three states, notwithstanding the fact that it permeates them. He indicates this in the following verse: The waking state corresponds to the universe viiva because of differentiation. The dreaming state corresponds to illumination tejas on account of the dominance of light. The state of dreamless slumber corresponds to understanding prajna, as this state is characterised by massive knowledge, and the fourth turia state is beyond all these.1 35 The waking state is the universe, corresponding to the viraj all-encompassing state of Brahman.

Why so? Because of the prevalence of differentiation which characterises the universe. The supreme Lord has created diverse objects like sound etc., which the various sense-organs perceive. In this manner, through Brahman’s power of cognition, variety occurs. This variety emanates from contact between sense organ and sense object existing externally as subject and object.

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