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Yoga stretches on If you want to know how, read Cialdini s book. How could such a rule evolve? If I spend all my time and resources on helping others, i.e. being an altruist, then they will survive and reproduce whilst I will struggle to survive and be unlikely to reproduce. Outcome: my genes will quickly disappear from the gene pool. If, on the other hand, I use my time and resources to help myself and attract mates (either lots of them and/or the highest quality ones) then my genes will proliferate in the gene pool. Altruistic behaviour seems destined to go extinct; yet we do see animals engaging in a wide range of co-operative behaviours. Yoga stretches 2016.

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The earlier ones are all copies made at the time in a register. It also includes details of how long a couple had been married, the number of children born to that marriage, and how many of those were still alive. Accompanying the 1911 census are the enumerators’ summary books. These are very useful for finding out more about the property they lived in and seeing who neighbours were. The National Archives (TNA) holds all census returns for England, Wales, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. Several commercial websites host images of the census with accompanying indexes and transcripts. Those hosted by either Findmypast or Ancestry can be accessed free at all local libraries and record offices.

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