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Yoga stretch poses on The reality is that god is in control of everything. He determines who is going to live and die, and when; and he controls each and every individual from within. So he says: Even without thee (thy action), all shall cease to exist, The warriors that are drawn up in the opposing ranks. Therefore arise thou, win glory, Conquer thine enemies and enjoy prospered kingship; By Me Myself they have already been slain long ago; Be thou the mere instrument, left-handed archer! Drona and Bhdsma and Jayadratha, Kama too, and the other warrior-heroes as well, Do thou slay, (since) they are already slain by Me; do not hesitate! Fight! Thou shalt conquer thy rivals in battle. (11.32-34) And If clinging to egotism Thou thinkest I will not fightP, Vain is this thy resolve; (Thine own) material nature will coerce thee. Son of Kunti, by thine own natural Action held fast, What thru delusion thou seekest not to do, That thou shalt do even against thy will. Yoga stretch poses 2016.

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