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Yoga start on 269.9, criticizes the Vedic tradition s adherence to animal sacrifice.19 Some schools of Samkhya during the epic period also appear to have been atheistic. Chakravarti perhaps goes too far when he claims that the Mahabharata is always found to represent the atheistic school of Samkhya,20 but that the epic knows an atheistic form of Samkhya is clear from 12.301, where Bhdsma contrasts the followers of Samkhya with those of Yoga. The latter hold that unless a person accepts a lord (lsvara) they cannot attain liberation; the former, however, are said to hold that a person by acquiring true knowledge of all ends, becomes disassociated from all worldly objects, and, after departing from this body, it is plain, becomes eman-cipated 21 In other words, god (lsvara) is not necessary for emancipation. Unfortunately, the epic nowhere provides anything like a detailed account of the Samkhyans who practise compassion towards all creatures, who teach that purusas are many and that a person does not need god to attain liberation. Yoga start 2016.

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