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Jnana-yoga as cultural field

But this association also reveals some of the flaws and contradictions in VY. We recall that liberation was basically a question of sudden and fundamental gnosis – knowledge seeing through the deceit and illusions of this world – which could be acquired even by listening to stories. If gnosis can be attained so easily, why then all the efforts of dharana and dhyana? Yes, maybe they could accelerate the process, but they were not strictly necessary conditions for liberation. They were rather there to imbue the Brahmin intellectual with authority and difference.

The sage’ – wisdom as ideology

There is not much scholarly research into the YV and what research there is does not focus on the sociology of the text and its interaction with society. What is remarkable is that we here have a text which at first glance seems more concerned with use-value than with social symbolic messages. There is very little about promoting supernatural powers, caste purity or theism in this yoga. Instead we encounter beautiful and optimistic stories of liberation by our own efforts. But then, on second thoughts, the reader will discover that the symbolic messaging of YV is subtler. It is obviously a refined tool for circulating and propagating philosophical idealism based on Saivism and Vedanta.

The YV does more than this, because it solidifies the story of the ancient sage, today often labelled the guru. The story of the ancient sage’ is a myth and powerful ideological device that most of the world has strongly bought into. We have done it to such a degree that this story still shapes modernist perceptions. This myth prevents us from critical investigation of yoga and other liberation texts, because we are told that these texts are either created by such ancient sages’ or are a product of their wisdom. What do I mean by that?

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