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Yoga spine on Through this practice of yoga the yogin ascends through the susumna nadi to the top of the head, where he sees the highest one and destroys samsara. Yogatattva (D – 15 verses; A – 142 verses) Deussen points out that the text of this Upanisad is so defective that his translation can only be regarded as an experiment at rendering it intelligible. The opening verse presents us with a claim that becomes increasingly common in the medieval period: that one who listens to and recites the teaching will be freed from all sins. Again, the meditation advocated is on the om-sound, which encompasses the three worlds, the three Vedas, the three times of day, the three [great] gods and the three gunas. The final stage of meditation, on the anusvara, takes the yogin to the highest place. Following this description are three verses explaining that the manas is located in the lotus within the space of the heart. The om-sound opens this lotus and reveals the luminous soul. Yoga spine 2016.

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