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Therefore the seeds of future creations remain in the dreamless state. This is the prdjiia state of Brahman, Yoga Sphinx Pose where Brahman alone exists in the form of the universal subject. Since the infinite variety of the world manifested in the form of blue, happiness, etc., is experienced by all subjects on the empirical level, and then in the dreamless state they exist only as residual impressions, this state is undoubtedly one of dreamlessness on the part of Brahman the universal subject. On awakening, he the universal subject experiences all the totality of objects as if they had been experienced by him before.

If Brahman does not hold the residual impressions of the totality of objects in his bosom, then the memory of objects experienced before in the form of these are similar to what 1 have known before could not arise in him, Brahman the universal subject when he awakes. The subsequent knowledge in the form of I slept well, ‘I had a painful experience in sleep, or I lost all consciousness in sleep could not otherwise have arisen in him as the subject, Divakara Vatsa has rightly observed: If all the objects experienced by you do not remain stored in you fully identified luith yourself, then how could their memory arise at all, erasing their first experience? In this manner, the state of deep sleep is the state of awareness of Brahman in which consciousness persists in latent form. Why so? Because it is a state of massive knowledge. The state of massive knowledge is the distinguishing feature of deep sleep and the fourth state. This is confirmed in the above verse.

The state of deep sleep, whose nature is pure illumination, is characterised by massive knowledge, but since the world of objects in this state remains fully dissolved, existing only in the form of residual impressions, it is not wholly of the nature of consciousness, hence the cognition of the object remains hazy. As has been said in the Spanda Karikils 1.18J: The omnipresent Being Yoga who is endowed with the supreme sakti in the form of the knowledge of worldly objects is manifested in the two states, waking and dreaming Iin the mundane world; he is manifested in other states, i.

The deep sleep slate and the fourth turiyaj state only as pure consciousness. Higher than this the state of deep sleep is the fourth state, and this state of Brahman is one of fullness and bliss in the true sense of the term, as it is absolutely free from even the residual impressions of objects. No other description is appropriate because this state is the resting place the locus of the three states of waking, dreaming, and deep sleep. As such it permeates all these three states.

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