Yoga how to do a shoulder stand

Sceptics are welcome to disagree with this sage, but that will only make their predicament lasting and worsen. Their scepticism is a part of maya – the delusional play of the world. As the sage claims – and we believe this because he is a sage – he is liberated from maya and the emotional and cognitive attachments embedded in human nature. He is by definition a disinterested and hence trustworthy person, who can see what for us is impossible to see. We, the audience, are caught in a Catch 22.

The alternative is to follow the sage or the guru. Instead of probing and evaluating his claims of wisdom, nonbelievers should instead submit to his authority based in wisdom. Trust me â, the sage says gently, I have no desire for power and status â.

The VY embodies an ideology where wisdom is legitimating wisdom through story telling.

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