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Yoga shoes for As such, it attracted little notice outside the halls of academia. Even as the network’s uses expanded, it remained primarily the province of scientists and computer programmers. That changed in when computer science professor Tim Berners-Lee developed the World Wide Web WWW, or the Web as a means of posting images, text, and videos to the Internet. The Web had enormous mass appeal and quickly became synonymous with the Internet, so much so that the terms the Internet and the Web are now used interchangeably. Following Berners-Lee’s creation, Internet usage grew dramatically, surpassing million people in million in mid million in July and billion in December In the early days of the Web, commentators wrote breathlessly about its seemingly infinite potential. One characterized it as a decentralizing, globalizing, harmonizing, and empowering medium, while another predicted a smaller, more open world. Yoga shoes photos, Yoga shoes 2016.

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