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Yoga sequence on The first of these is more general and means to mistake what is not the cause of a given effect for its real cause. The second is the inference that one event is the cause of another from the bare fact that the first occurs earlier than the second. Any argument of either sort can be treated as an instance of the fallacy of false cause. It is easy to see, that the mere fact of coincidence or temporal succession does not establish any causal connection. Certainly we should reject the tribesman s claim that beating his drums is the cause of the sun s reappearance after an eclipse, even though he can offer as evidence the fact that every time drums have been beaten during an eclipse, the sun has reappeared! No one would be misled by this argument, but countless people are suckers for patent-medicine testimonials which report that Mrs. X suffered from a head cold, drank three bottles of a secret herb decoction, and recovered in only two weeks. Ignoratio Elenchi (irrelevant conclusion) The fallacy of ignoratio elenchi is committed when an argument purporting to establish a particular conclusion is directed to proving a different conclusion. Yoga sequence 2016.

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