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It has been my experience that as you expand consciousness through your Yoga Sasangasana Pose Yoga and related studies, a great deal of technical knowledge is realized and grasped intuitively. The Yogi states that as you realize Universal Mind you are in possession of all knowledge.From the practical standpoint, therefore, here is a summary of the factors in the subject of How the Yogi Sees the Bodyas it pertains to your practice of Yoga. There are great mental and physical forces within us which lie dormant; which are not being used. The practice of Yoga awakens these forces and as this occurs, the ordinary mind, our usual consciousness, is expanded. This expansion leads to increasing perception and awareness of the true nature of the universe, resulting in the eventual realization that man is SPIRIT or Universal Mind. To the extent that this realization occurs, man merges with the ocean of Universal Consciousness and as such is liberatedfrom the mundane or illusionary world of the ordinary mind and the ego. This experience which we have called enlightenmentis also known by the important Sanskrit words samadhi and nirvana.

The nature of such an experience is actually indescribable because, as it was already pointed out, the ordinary mind is not equipped to comprehend it. The questions which are always asked by the student in connection with the ultimate realization have to do with, What will become of me when I do have this experience?But you must remember that it is the ordinary mind which is concerned with this question, because it believes that somehow or other it will cease to exist and the unknown is always a source of anxiety and insecurity. In reality it is only the merging of the self with the Universal Mind which can impart to you the peace and security you are seeking, and consequently you should make this the objective of the greater part of your life and not allow the infinite tricks and delusions of the ordinary mind to deter you from this goal. Of course, there is also what we must call faithinvolved in this study. If you do not believe intuitively in the higher consciousness, in Universal Mind, it is pointless to proceed with the techniques, although I should like to state that I am aware of many, many people who began their study of Yoga strictly for the benefit which could be derived from the physical exercises and became deeply immersed in the philosophical pursuits as the exercises began to arouse dormant forces! I should also like to clarify a point in connection with the realization of the higher consciousness. This realization is by no means complete and permanent; it may occur in varying time periods, from a few seconds to some hours and even days. Spiritual texts are replete with such examples of partial and temporary enlightenment. But once the student has caught a glimpse of the higher consciousness, he knows where the treasure lies and can never be permanently dissuaded from his quest after liberation, regardless of the interference, deterrents and great difficulties which he must often face in this quest.

Now let us see how and why the Yogi makes use of the great potential forces within the organism, in order to aid in the expansion of consciousness. To begin with a simple illustration, picture an 8-cylinder engine which is functioning with 1 cylinder. The other 7 cylinders are not working. There is nothing wrong with the cylinders themselves, but the spark plugs upon which they are dependent are inactive. The inefficiency of an engine in this condition is obvious. But as the spark plugs were activated and each of the 7 cylinders was made to work in turn, not only would the strain be removed from the lone working cylinder, but the machine would become increasingly efficient. Now we can very well apply this illustration to our own organism which, remember, is made up of our physical, mental and emotional bodies. The Yogi informs us that there are 7 major areas of tremendous potential force within this organism where great amounts of life-force are stored which could be used, but which are now dormant.

Because these areas lack the spark necessary to activate them, the stored life-force within them lies unused. Consequently, the organism, functioning with only a fraction of its potential power, is inefficient. This inefficiency manifests itself physically the organism is easily subject to fatigue, discomfort, disease; mentally the limitations of the ordinary mind; emotionally continual enslavement to fear, anxiety, insecurity, depression, as well as the intense desire and attachment to their opposites, security, happiness, etc. Six of these areas of potential force have their focal point or control board at six ascending points along a microscopic avenue situated in the middle of the spinal column. These focal points are called centers chak-ras. The spark which is necessary to activate or openthese centers and release the forces which they control lies at the base of this microscopic cord and is known by the Sanskrit word kundalini. This word may be translated as basic power. When stimulated and aroused, thebasic power makes an ascending journey up through the cord within the spinal column and according to how far it is made to rise, activates and opens, partially or fully, the various centers.

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