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These centers then begin to work;the areas of force in different Yoga Samasthiti Pose parts of the organism over which they have control are also awakened and their great storehouse of life-force is made available. This increased life force working within the organism helps to produce the expansion of consciousness. It is through the gradual awakening and control of the centers that Yogis derive what is often referred to as super-natural powersand extra-sensory perception. These powers are looked upon by true Yogis only as an indication that a certain stage in their study has been reached. They are not an end, but simply a sign along the path. If and when such powers are actually utilized by the Yogi, it is under extraordinary circumstances and only for service to his fellow beings. If powers are employed in any harmful or destructive manner or for self-enrichment, they are the undoing of the one who so utilizes them. There is a severe warning regarding this fact which is given by the guru to the student.

To idly exhibit any power which has been gained through Yoga practice is to greatly circumscribe one’s progress. The exhibitionists in the Orient who perform feats of self-hypnosis for fafvors are known as fakirs and are not to be confused with Yogis. The basic power, as it is activated and makes its ascending journey, generally opens up only one center at a time. The lowest centers are the first to be opened those which correspond to the reproductive system and the organs and glands of the viscera, then the middle centers those of the solar plexus and the heart, and finally the highest centers the throat or thyroid gland, the pineal gland, or third eye.There are detailed descriptions as well as names and symbols regarding each of the centers; it is not of practical value to discuss the specific powers and values of the separate centers in this text. The interested reader is referred to The Serpent Power, by Arthur Avalon, Ganesh and Company, India, if authentic, detailed information is desired. The seventh center, known as the thousand petal lotus,corresponds not only to the physical brain but actually extends beyond the skull. See the broken lines surrounding the head in the illustration of the seven centers of force.

The basic power will not be awakened until the organism has been purified and made sufficiently strong to receive and conduct the greater forces which are released in this journey. This purification and strengthening process is the major objective of physical hatha Yoga and each of the techniques of meditation aids the process. It is most interesting for the student to note that the healthaspects of the physical exercises are actually a by-product of Hatha Yoga. Its basic purpose is purification and strengthening of the organism followed by the gradual stimulation of the centers. The basic power must never, under any circumstances, be forced to rise. That is why you must always carefully follow the directions given to you in thn Exercise Books for performing the physical postures and never strain. If you proceed with moderation, patience and self-control, you will gain the health and strength of the nervous system before the possibility of awakening the basic power has to be considered. Directing the Life-Force In Post 5 we discussed the life-force in detail.

It was stated that the life-force could be controlled and directed with very positive results. It is possible to consciously direct the life-force from one point in the organism where it has been stored to another point for purposes of alleviating pain, illness and other negative conditions. This is also a, wonderful technique to use for a quick recharging. In addition, the life-force can be directed into the body of another person to promote healing. That which is called magnetic healingis performed either consciously or subconsciously by people who are able to accumulate extra life-force and then transfer it to the point where it is needed. One of the major centers for the storage of life-force is the solar plexus sun center, which is located in the pit of the abdomen and which is a vast network of nerves. Let us assume that the supply of life-force is to be sent into the head for relieving a headache, or simply for general relaxation and relief of tension. We could choose any other area of the organism.

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