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Yoga routines on So, for example, an intimate, loving relationship is impermanent. It cannot, therefore, be the source of lasting (= permanent) happiness. Likewise for achievements in science, art, sport or politics. All are temporary. Simplistic supernaturalist reasoning responds to the changing world along the following lines: if X, which is changing, cannot yield permanent happiness then we should abandon X and pursue that which does not change, for only an unchanging, joyful entity/realm can supply unchanging joy. Moreover, because the only true source of happiness lies beyond the everyday world (in a realm with the first characteristics on the monopolarity list above) one should abandon that world, either tangibly, by shunning marriage, reproduction, career, family relationships, worldly pleasures, etc. in favour of a life that detaches oneself from it or psychologically, through a kind of detachment that is illustrated in the Bhagavad Gita: don t do what you want, do what you are told, and don t even want what you want, want what you are told. Yoga routines 2016.

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