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Yoga routines to do at home on Once again, there is also the attempted integration of Vedic and Samkhyan ideas. Reference to the renouncer (samnyasi) in v.10 may have a link with lesson 4 where following the varnasramadharma is recommended. Renunciation is the fourth of life s stages for a twice-born male and, at least according to the Laws of Manu (Manava Dharma sastra), the most influential of the dharma sastras, only to be entered after the birth of a grandson. Speculation: These frequent attempts to integrate Vedic and Samkhyan teachings may have been included because of criticisms from the orthodox, who were suspicious of the new ideas and regarded them as subversive foreign imports. Even at the time of Sankara (8th century ce) the Samkhyans were regarded as heterodox by some orthodox theologians strange if Samkhya really had evolved in Vedic circles. 18-30 can be read as giving more detail on vidya, tapas and cinta (4. Yoga routines to do at home 2016.

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