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Yoga routines at home on With his yoga power he is capable of scorching the entire universe like the sun that rises at the time of the universal dissolution ; he can enter into the very lords of creation, the rishis, the deities, and the great beings in the universe ;40 neither Yama nor death can touch him; he can create thousands of bodies and wander the earth in them. There is little here that would conflict with Patanjali s system (see Post 6), especially since, as Hopkins points out, the five tristubh stanzas that form the final section of 301 have been added later to offset the whole teaching preceding, which is that the soul gets isolation, not absorption into Brahma.41 Here then, yoga is presented as a renunciant practice with a sramanic flavour that emphasizes the importance of withdrawing from society, the relinquishing of sense experience and the abandoning of emotions. It advocates the cultivation of speech restraint, inward-mindedness and absorption in the self. By this means the yogin can gain freedom from rebirth (vimoksa). For Yajnavalkya, Samkhya and Yoga ordain the same practices and are both held to be capable of leading to liberation. They are to be treated as one and the same. Yoga routines at home 2016.

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