Yoga Romance

One of these ancient practices that is so popular in the tantric tradition is to gaze into your loved one’s eyes to really start the fires of romance. And I’m very grateful to my colleague Brandon here from the crew who is going to help demonstrate this I gazing technique. So you can sit looking at each other allowing your knees to be in close proximity. And then you take your loved ones hands.

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And you look into your eyes look into each other’s eyes of course it’s uncomfortable at first when you’re gazing into someone’s eyes. So we’ll feel free to just look away or blink. But allow those periods where you’re gazing into each other’s eyes to become longer and longer you can gaze into the irises and look at the color of your loved ones eyes or you could be just looking into this area between the eyebrows the third eye and as you continue to make eye contact with your loved one the fires of passion and love are ignited. And you can enjoy a wonderful date afterwards I’ve never defined for healing yoga namaste.

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