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In an alphabet made up of two letters (A and B), it is possible to generate four basic combinations(words): A, B, AB, and BA. On the other hand, by adding the following two rules, I can generate an infinite number of words with two letters:

1. A quantitative rule allows me to include as many letters A❠and B❠that I want in a word.

2. A qualitative rule distinguishes the order of the words (AB is not equal to BA).

These are the basic rules of binary language, developed a little later by Leibniz, which is used today by computer programmers. The greater the number of elements in a system (for example, twenty-six letters instead of two), and the greater the number of different rules (like grammatical rules), the greater the possibility of generating a vast variety of combinations. The more these elements and rules are qualitatively heterogeneous, the greater the potential complexity of an organization.

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