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In modern terms, the organism is an architecture that permits the hardware of a computer to support the exigencies of the software. This architecture has properties that are neither those of matter nor those of thoughts: they coordinate the dimensions and are sensitive to the dynamics of each dimension. These coordinating interfaces belong to that part of nature that can coordinate an infinite number of dimensions.

With Spinoza, the more dimensions a system contains, the more the coordination of the dimensions demands a powerful global architecture. At this point, it is useful to identify two criteria of complexity:

1. It is possible that two systems would each have two dimensions, but these two dimensions would not be necessarily the same.

2. A subsystem cannot have more dimensions than the system that contains it. Thus, a cell possesses two dimensions at the maximum, whereas a society has two dimensions at the minimum This evaluation is calculated on the basis of the two dimensions in the human being that contains cells and is also part of a society.

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