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Truths, capable of engendering self-healing. These theories often postulate a total coherence of the universe, a coherent relationship between the elements and the system that contain them (as in the phrase everything is linked to everythingâ).42 The term transpersonal does not only designate a psychological impression but also a unique force that structures the multiple mechanisms enlivening human history.

Must a Treatment Create Harmony in the Organism?

Eros Heals

Plato’s Symposium describes a banquet that is the second in a series of celebrations organized by the very rich Athenian poet Agathon to celebrate the literary prize that he recently won. What is at hand is a prestigious prize given for the best tragedy of the year 416 BC. This banquet gathers illustrious Athenians, such as Socrates, the general Alcibiades, and the author Aristophanes. The first banquet has been so sumptuous that this time the guests prefer to drink and eat less and spend more time

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