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The Organism in the Far East: In Search of the Universe that Manifests in the Organism

In the following chapters, I gather some discussions around Hindu and Chinese teachings like yoga, acupuncture, and tai chi chuan.1 These practices are thousands of years old and still timely today. They are part of cultural systems that have assimilated European technology and science without losing their creativity. Today, they are taught in every country. Many medical, physical, and psychological therapist trained in universities have learned how useful these approaches can be for their personal development and their practice with patients. A steadily increasing number of empirical studies are showing that certain yoga exercises and meditation techniques can become useful as a psychotherapeutic mode of intervention for depression2 and schizophrenia.3

A characteristic of the methods developed in the Far East is that a person can only change or be cured if she becomes actively involved in a process that influences most dimensions of the organism: posture, breathing, ways of thinking, beliefs, diet, and so on. These modes of intervention become efficient if they can influence the dynamics of deep organismic processes that are associated with such terms as prana in India, and chi in China.

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