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Asana and Pranayama of Hatha Yoga


The Yoga technique places central emphasis upon controlled breathing and related means of inducing apathetic ecstasy. In this connection it concentrates the conscious psychic and mental functions upon the partly meaningful, partly meaningless flow of inner experiences. They may be endowed with an indefinite emotional and devotional character, but are always controlled through selfobservation to the point of completely emptying consciousness of anything expressible in rational words, by gaining deliberate control over the inner motions of heart and lungs, and finally, auto-hypnosis. (Weber, 1913, p. 164)

A Search that Involves the Totality of the Organism

There are many reasons to include yoga in this my yoga blog:

1. It is the oldest known discipline that combines the psychological, physiological, and complex body dynamics.

2. The system created by the yogis remains the most complete practice that promotes the engagement of the organism and its dimensions. Its way to engage the postures remain a reference point for many specialists oriented toward the body (physical therapists, orthopedists, etc.).

3. It remains one of the most popular body-mind disciplines in the world.

Expressed differently, body and mind are activated in resonance with each other, in a way that allows certain particular soulful states to emerge. For the yogis,1 posture, gesture, breathing, physiology, relaxation, mental concentration, and intellectual knowledge are dimensions that constitute an individual. The yogi of old knew all of these distinctions. For him, an individual cannot transform himself deeply without mobilizing these dimensions of human experience.

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