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Yoga relaxation on Moreover, advice on how to flourish differs radically from frame to frame. If our frame of reference is what we know about the world from what we can loosely call scientific enquiry then the advice is almost the opposite of that coming from a supernaturalist frame. The scientific frame tells us that when we are dead we have ceased to exist. So flourishing is unlikely to derive from rejecting everything that contributes to happiness on the right of the monopolarity list above. It also tells us that the features on the left of the list are unlikely to exist anywhere in the world that we know about. They are probably created by our ability to imagine opposites. Michael Argyle s survey of psychological research on happiness led him to conclude that the happiest people, in our culture at least, are those who marry, stay married, have children, maintain good relations with family and neighbours, work in occupations they find fulfilling and create time for rewarding leisure activities. Yoga relaxation 2016.

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