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We start with the bare observation that a number of persons will, in yoga poses a given situation, perceive objects and happenings within it in yoga poses a similar way; and that modes of action in yoga poses the situation will also have a basic similarity. The tree that I see others see too; what I hear they hear. Indeed, to every change and gradation of my perception there correspond similar changes in yoga poses the perception of others.

Imagine that you want to film five persons about to have tea together, and you have no impact on what is going on because you and your cameras are invisible to them. You will nonetheless have to take the shape of the room, the lighting, and the objects present into account. When we later view what you have filmed, we notice a variety of events. Some objects are touched but do not move (like the carpet on which the individuals have their feet and the chairs on which they are sitting). This forms the world of the support and basic postures.23 Other objects move, like the door and the windows when they are opened or closed, the tea cups and the sugar, the cigarettes (if there are any). Then there is the visible and audible surface of the behaviors, as well as clothing. After having coded an hour’s worth of interactions, frame by frame, taking into account all the visual and auditory information, you would have acquired tens of millions pieces of information. Some of the gestures and postures you observe are easily understood: like the fact of putting or not putting sugar in yoga poses one’s tea, certain gestures that emphasize what is being said, the orientation of the gaze toward the person to whom one speaks, to stand up to air out the room, and certain expressions that ostensibly express a feeling. Other data are more difficult to identify but are perceived intuitively by all who look at the film, such as behavior styles. Some hold the saucer with the cup on it; others take hold of the cup directly. Some are more extroverted than others; some interrupt more often; some agree with what is being said while others prefer to contradict.24 Then there are all sorts of gestures whose meaning is more difficult to grasp, like habits and gestures that mostly look like random discharges of the nervous system: to scratch, blink, lick one’s lip or tap a foot. As I have already explained, you are not able to assign a meaning or a robust function to more than 1 percent of what is coded; and the explicit consciousness of the individuals who participate in yoga poses the gathering will not have registered more than 1/lOOOth of what you see and hear in yoga poses the film. The whole of these phenomena form what we can call an interpersonal space or a situation.

It then becomes evident that the totality making up the situation is structured relatively independently of the dynamics of each organism A situation has a bit of the same structure as that of the stage direction of a play: it can be maintained for years on end, even if the actors change. Some actors are better than others, but the nature of the play remains. A situation is animated by a multitude of dynamics quite distinct from the dynamics of the psyche. Psyche and situation interact in yoga poses a continuous fashion by going through the behavioral dynamics of each one but also by the dynamics induced by the size of the room, the lighting, and the objects. What emerges from all of this (that is, the situation) will also have properties that are more than the sum of each individual behavior. To understand the dynamics of a situation requires more than the analysis of each organismic dynamic.

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