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Yoga relaxation Pics youtube for ROOTSTOCK a bulb covered with soft, felt-like tunics, producing extensible threads when torn. LEAVES four to six, sometimes as few as two or as many as eight, green or rarely dry at flowering, suberect to spreading, linear to strap-shaped, smooth. INFLORESCENCE a conical to hemispherical umbel with flowers, on a slender to stout, more or less compressed scape, the scape smooth or sometimes minutely hairy spathe bracts two, rapidly withering. FLOWERS zygomorphic, trumpet-shaped to widely flared, pink, red or white, the pedicels spreading, as long as or rarely somewhat longer than the flowers, the tepals united into a short tube, recurved, margins usually undulate or crisped. STAMENS shortly united basally, inserted near tepal base, tightly clustered, upturned toward the tips, often with short lateral appendages at the base anthers dorsifixed. OVARY with as many as four ovules per locule STYLE filiform, declinate or sometimes central the stigma minutely trifid or three-lobed. FRUIT a small, subglobose capsule with membranous walls, readily disintegrating. Yoga relaxation Pics youtube photos, Yoga relaxation Pics youtube 2016.

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