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Yoga relax tongue for INFLORESCENCE a several- to many-flowered raceme, sometimes subcorymbose with shortened axis bracts membranous or leafy, small or large. FLOWERS suberect or spreading, star- or cup-shaped, tepals more or less shortly united at the base, rarely into a distinct tube, white, yellow, orange, or yellowish green, with or without darker keels, scented or unscented, closing at night or rarely nocturnal. STAMENS with filaments joined to the base of the tepals, free or rarely united below, filiform to lanceolate, similar or the inner usually broader, both whorls or more usually the inner variously expanded or toothed below. OVARY ovoid to globose, sometimes shortly stalked, with few to many ovules per locule STYLE vestigial to long, cylindrical, sometimes slightly deflexed, stigma small and three-lob ed to large and headlike. FRUIT a fusiform, ovoid to globose capsule, more or less three-angled or three-lobed, membranous or leathery, enclosed in the dry perianth or exposed. SEEDS few to many per chamber, angled to discoid, black. Basic chromosome number x other base numbers. Yoga relax tongue photos, Yoga relax tongue 2016.

Scrunch face up first, then relax, stick out tongue and wiggle it yogaposes8

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Tongue: Yoga’s Sensual Muscle. | elephant journal yogaposes8


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