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Yoga relax and renew for – mm long bracts with narrow, often brown-speckled, membranous margins, inner bracts membranous or submembranous. Fruiting peduncles curved, later erect. Flowering July-September. Flats, RV, NW, SW, AP, KM, LB, SE widespread, Bokkeveld Mountains to Grahamstown. Romulea monadelpha Sweet Baker Plants mostly cm high, rarely as high as cm corm rounded at base, with curved acuminate teeth. Leaves three to five, basal, filiform, four-grooved, mm diam. Flowers dark red with black and silvery blotches in the cup, tepals mm long, obovate, filaments oblong, joined into a stout column, mm long, usually smooth, anthers mm long bracts usually keeled above, with narrow, usually brown, membranous margins inner bracts two-keeled with usually brown membranous margins. Yoga relax and renew photos, Yoga relax and renew 2016.

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