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Yoga to reduce blood pressure for Being the most advanced consumer economy of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the United States experienced such problems earlier and more acutely than other nations, even those in industrialized Europe. The United States was also where the first responses to such problems were formulated. Not surprisingly, given their roles as the purchasers of food and medicine for their families, it was American women who pioneered the consumer protection movement. In social reformers Jane Addams and Josephine Lowell founded the National Consumers League. At first aimed at protecting workers by labeling products that were made in factories where workers were treated fairly, the organization added consumer advocacy to its agenda after a few years. As part of the growing Progressive movement, they had come to believe that government played an important role in protecting consumers. In the early twentieth century, they helped win passage of the Meat Inspection Act of and the Pure Food and Drugs Act of both of which established federal agencies to make sure the foods and medicines people consumed were safe. Yoga to reduce blood pressure photos, Yoga to reduce blood pressure 2016.

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