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Yoga quotes for Estonia and Costa Rica are well known examples of how successful ICT strategies can help to accelerate growth and raise income levels. But even some of the least developed countries, such as Mali and Bangladesh, have shown how determined leadership and innovative approaches can, with international support, connect remote and rural areas with the Internet and mobile telephony.

Public telecentres have been established in places as diverse as Egypt, Kazakhstan and Peru. Indeed, information technologies can give developing countries the chance to leapfrog some of the long and painful stages of development that other countries have had to go through. But bridging the digital divide is not going to be easy. Too often, state monopolies charge exorbitant prices for the use of bandwidths.

Governments need to do much more to create the effective institutions and supportive regulatory frameworks that will attract foreign investment more generally, they must also review their policies and arrangements to make sure they are not denying their people the opportunities offered by the digital revolution. Yoga quotes photos, Yoga quotes 2016.

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