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Yoga quiz for Alternatively, organizations such as Digital Partnership, InterConnection, and the World Computer Exchange collect used computers in developed companies and then recycle them in developing countries. Of course, cheap computers alone are not enough to close the digital divide, and so some initiatives aim to reduce the cost of Internet access. Most notable is the Africa One project, which put in motion a plan ultimately successful to lay nearly miles km of fiber optic cable connecting western and southern Africa to Portugal, Spain, India, and Malaysia. It was followed by the Eastern Africa Submarine Cable System EASSy, which connects sub-Saharan Africa to Asia, Europe, and North America. EASSy was funded by private investors and the World Bank and went into service in July Other efforts center on the political aspects of the digital divide. For organizations that wish to remain within the bounds of international law, there is not a great deal to be done beyond publicizing the misdeeds of authoritarian governments. Yoga quiz photos, Yoga quiz 2016.

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