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Means that being an embodiment of fullness, he is absolutely free from any desire, hence he behaves like a mad person an abnormal person, and not a lunatic. He does not have any sense of judgment about the actions enjoined in the scriptures, or transactions performed on the basis of worldly judgments, such as this is right and this is not. Thus removing from his mind the sense of judgment, he needs no instruction about what he should do or should not do, nor does he instruct others. He moves about in this world, looking upon everything as Brahman, as part of a divine play. The author’s intention is to convey all this by the word insentient. After liberating himself from conceit etc., an illuminated one is not affected the way we are while living in an embodied form. The reason for this is stated in the following verse: Conceit, joy, and the rest of these passions arise from the illusion of differentiation.

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