Yoga Purvottanasana Pose

In his my yoga blog, Heller demonstrates painstakingly Yoga Purvottanasana Pose and cogently that psychological phenomena cannot be captured only inside the individual but rather emerge at the interface of individual bodies, organisms, and brains. The meanings of psychological phenomena can be only captured in the process of an interaction between these systems. Heller makes the demonstration in ways that are reminiscent of the eighteenth-century encyclopedic tradition, not shying away from a large harvest, with broad connections from Western philosophy to Eastern traditions and other Eastern and Western ancestral intuitions and practices.

Heller reminds us that psychic experience is the integration of all these levels with processes that operate within and outside the individual, in interaction with other individuals, like patients interacting with therapists.

Psychotherapy of any kind, whether it focuses primarily on the body or not, does not just pertain to a body, an organism, or a psyche organization that is more or less well functioning. It always pertains to a relation between bodies, organisms, and psychic entities.

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