Yoga to prevent blood clots

For Bellur Krishnamachar Sundararaja Iyengar,6 these limbs are the pillars of a coherent method. If the practicing individual has not acquired an ethics that leads to yoga (1 and 2), he has a lesser chance to find the inner strength and enthusiasm to travel the arduous paths that lead to illumination

The practice of postures allows a yogi to train his body to hold a posture without moving for hours and without disturbing his attention (3). Once a posture can be sustained, it can become a bowl capable of containing the pulsations of life: the respiratory movements and the beating of the heart (4). The practicing yogi must then be able to contain in his spirit the forces that grow in him and further be able to enter into contact with the essence of the forces that animate him (5, 6, and 1).

Each limb designates a method that relates to a dimension of the human being. It is not only the combination of these methods that fosters an existential quest; it is also a certain internal alchemy that cannot crystallize unless the quest occurs in a specific spirit.

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