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The yogis are aware of the unbelievable adventure that they propose and of the complexity of the task. For them, this total transformation of one’s being is not possible unless it is in a process that lasts millions of lifetimes. A psychotherapist can be inspired by yoga but his goals are clearly other. The psychotherapist aims at goals that are achievable within a few years at the most.

We can find this kind of vision in a number of Far Eastern schools, as in the writings attributed to the Buddha, such as in The Sutra on the Full Awareness of Breathing. 7 It supposes that each dimension has its particularities and demands an approach adapted to these particularities. Gradually the devotee will learn to recognize the functioning of the dimensions within; he will find creative ways of living while sensing the heteroclite dynamics that animate him

Yogis thus assume that there are many dimensions of the human being and that each has need of a different pedagogy. We can imagine that the individual is a house of many stories. Entering a school of yoga, the individual can participate in different courses that seek to develop a particular level. These courses are like scaffolding erected around an individual. Each level of the scaffolding is constructed in such a way as to be able to support the particularities of each story of the house. The scaffolding allows the individual to rearrange his structure, all the while following a number of developmental constraints (the function of the cellar is not like that of the roof). Similarly, a school acquires the experience relative to a type of scaffolding that sustains a certain type of transformation of the whole individual. This teaching thus acquires a relative coherence that corresponds to its own way of conceptualizing how the different activities necessary for the development of an individual (morality, compassion, body, physiology, meditation, etc.) can be coordinated.

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