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Critical discourse analysis

Discourse analysis can take many forms (Phillips & Hardy 2002). 415 The way I use it is in a critical constructionist fashion. This means that there is a focus on how discourses create social entities, practices and identities. By this is meant that discourses give us the categories through which we group, classify and experience reality, as in the yoga case: immoveable soul, ascetic living, the-yogi-in-the-cave, the living liberated, Kundalini, samadhi, the guru, mystical experience, renouncer.

Discourse analysis is often linked with genealogy. The analysis then focusses on what processes conditioned our categories; what conditions make them change; how are the categories protected from the change; what influence do they have on society and those using them; how do they generate social difference and power? Hence discourse analysis transforms fixed typologies into fluid categories.

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