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Yoga practise on Mahavakya (A – 12 verses) Another advaitic text. The sadhyas (pitrs) are identified with jdvanmuktas. One who realizes the paramatman attains oneness with Sri Mahavisnu. Those Upanisads that I placed in the second group have a different character from the ones in the first. All are clearly tantric and show the influence of Saktism (see Post 6 below) through reference to the kundalind sakti (the coiled power) and the various discs (cakra) or lotuses (padma) through which she passes on her ascent of the susumna towards a blissful reunion with Siva in the sahasrara padma (1,000-petalled lotus) at the top of the head. The yoga based on these concepts does not appear in any text that can be unambiguously dated before the period of the siddhas (accomplished ones/adepts), i.e. Yoga practise 2016.

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