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Yoga practices on The reason why the ritual is not to be understood in orgiastic terms lies in the fact that so-called forbidden substances and acts are only designated as such by the ignorant, who are trapped in the experience of duality. If existence constitutes just one integrated system, and enlightenment comes through the reintegration of opposites, then particular manifestations of this polarity need to be overcome such as the opposites of beneficial/detrimental, good/bad, desirable/undesirable and pure/impure. Such an achievement must involve a genuine perception of all substances and acts as manifestations of the one divine reality. If this is achieved, a significant step on the path to release has been taken; if not, the normal karmic consequences of such acts are what the worshipper reaps. Mircea Eliade, quoting the Jnanasiddhi, writes, By the same acts that cause some men to burn in hell for thousands of years, the yogin gains eternal salvation. 24 The difference in status between the act of the common man and that of the yogin practising the vira sadhana comes from the latter s engagement in the rite of aropa (attributing). That is, the worshipper must, through meditative ritual, experience the items being used as manifestations of the goddess herself. Yoga practices 2016.

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