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Yoga practice on Om is its tangible manifestation. In parallel with this line of development was a move to confer the status of eternally-existing on the Vedic scriptures and the Sanskrt language itself. There is some evidence within the Samhitas that the hymns were composed by seers (rsi), though they also suggest that the gods, particularly Varuna, Mitra and Aryaman, were responsible for their creation (RV 7.66.11). The Purusa SUkta has them created when the cosmic person was sacrificed by the gods. Later, however, the idea was developed that the Vedas were apauruseya (not composed by any being) and were eternal. Yoga practice 2016.

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The Suffolk parishes of Monks Eleigh, Moulton and Hadleigh are part of the Deanery of Bocking, Essex, and are held at Essex Record Office. Norfolk had three main church courts which dealt with probate records: the Archdeaconry of Norfolk was responsible for around 400 parishes and the Archdeaconry of Norwich for around 300. The Norwich Consistory Court had overriding jurisdiction over most of the county, as well as most of Suffolk and a few Cambridgeshire parishes. There are also the Peculiar Courts of the Dean and Chapter, Great Cressingham and Castle Rising and Borough Courts for Norwich, King’s Lynn and Yarmouth. All these records can be accessed at the Norfolk Record Office and Norfolk Heritage Centre. Indexes to wills and administrations for all four counties can be found in all local record offices in a variety of formats from the original indexes to card, printed and electronic indexes. Other organizations such as family history societies also have some indexes.

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