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Yoga practice at home on THE SIVANANDA TRADITION Swami Sivananda entered this world in 1887 and departed from it in 1963. His family lived in Pattamedai, Tamil Nadu and bequeathed to him the name Kuppuswami Iyer. From an early age he showed himself to be accomplished in body and in mind: a good gymnast and a good scholar. After training as a doctor at the Tanjore Medical Institute he accepted an offer to work in Malaya. As this involved travelling over the sea it was deemed to be polluting for brahmans such as himself. Undeterred by such views, he told his family that those rules did not apply to the modern world, and that such conventions should be subordinated to the requirement for service.31 At an earlier time he had also drawn criticism from other brahmans for taking fencing lessons from an untouchable teacher. Yoga practice at home 2016.

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