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Yoga practice at home Pics on Later Indian culture was assumed to be the creation of the Aryans. Marshall s discovery changed all that. The Indus remains were taken as indicating the existence of a developed civilization in India prior to the arrival of the Aryans. In the 1950s, Sir Mortimer Wheeler suggested that the demise of the Indus civilization could be attributed to successive waves of Aryan invasions. The Indus civilization lasted for around 1000 years, roughly from 2500 to 1500 bce,26 so these invasions would have taken place around 1500 BCE. Modern scholars have tended to reject Wheeler s invasion hypothesis, arguing that the Indus civilization had collapsed long before the Aryans arrived. Large quantities of marine molluscs have been found up to 150 miles upstream from the mouth of the Indus, suggesting that some kind of natural disaster that raised the sea level hit the civilization around 1800 bce. Yoga practice at home Pics 2016.

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