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Yoga postures quotes for Flowering March. Local in seeps on sandstone slopes, KM Swartberg Mountains. Gladiolus orchidiflorus Andrews Plants mostly cm high corm globose with papery to fibrous tunics, usually with many small cormels around the base. Leaves linear to sword-shaped, glaucous, thickened in the midline, mm wide. Flowers in a to -flowered spike, bilabiate, windowed in profile, greenish to purple with dark purple markings on the lower tepals, fragrant, perianth tube funnel-shaped, mm long, dorsal tepal longest, narrow, arching in a semicircle, mm long, the lower tepals arching downward. Flowering August-October. Clay and sandstone soils, NW, SW, KM Namibia to Cape Flats, to Free State. Yoga postures quotes photos, Yoga postures quotes 2016.

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