Yoga Postures In Pregnancy

Water: Keep the hydrating element alive in your food. This comes from water itself and eating fresh food. Stale food often feels drier than fresh food, so does eating out because of the lack of the hydrating element. Eating anything that’s too sweet, or overdosing on tea, coffee, or colas, will also have a dehydrating effect on meals, so learn to strike that balance and, as Swami Sivananda says, avoid food that is old and cold.

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• Do: Stay well hydrated and check that urine is clear at all times. Eat fresh fruit, drink local sherbets, nariyal pani, neera, etc. once a day.

• Don’t: Overdose on tea / coffee. Especially quit the cuppa on rising, the dessert post lunch, and the midnight raid on the fridge for ice cream / chocolates.

Earth: This is pretty basic but is often overlooked due to all the diet fads around. Eat stuff that belongs to the region you are living in. Definitely all the fruits and veggies from your land, so banana and not the kiwi; poha, not the cereal. The less the food travels to land on your plate, the stronger you will be, and pregnancy is a test of strength in more ways than one. So sit down to eat, sit as close to the earth as you can, and eat what comes from the farms and not malls.

• Do: Fix a place to have meals and assume the cross-legged position to use gravity to your benefit. Also helps improve hip flexibility and digestion. Eat what is in season and stay rooted to your genetic preferences for meals.

• Don’t: Consume ready-to-eat packets / meals, eat fruits and veggies that are out of season, e.g.—greens during the rains or apples in summer.

Now, of course, all this may seem too esoteric or very generic but it easily marries with what nutrition science has to say about the needs of pregnant women and the growing foetus.

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Yoga Postures In Pregnancy

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Yoga Postures In Pregnancy

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Yoga Postures In Pregnancy

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