Yoga Postures During Pregnancy First Trimester


The one thing that pregnancy will give you is a larger blood volume, with the amniotic fluid and all. This change in your water balance in turn changes your appetite, which then influences how much you eat. And it’s how much you eat that nurtures the body, enhances blood volume, and ensures that the amniotic fluid stays in a healthy state. Season, time of day, the daily stresses—all further influence your appetite. While you don’t need to eat for two, or three for that matter, what you need is a compassionate view towards your appetite.

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Sometimes you are going to feel not very hungry, at other times mad hungry; at both extremes and in the middle, know that this is perfectly normal behaviour for a pregnant woman. Following a sensible routine and a disciplined lifestyle will ensure that the variation in the appetite stays in the healthy range and doesn’t need medical attention. (The moon represents the water element in our body and if you follow the moon closely, you would notice a fluctuation in your appetite based on its size.)

The Top Three foods for T1

While writing this book, I figured that there is now an infobesity (overload of information) on every trimester: the hormones, the foetus, nutrients needed and everything. In spite of this, info on what to eat in terms of the Indian context is non-existent. And though the hormones and foetal growth will follow a universal pattern, the food part needs to be localized. The lost wisdom needs to be unearthed from our kitchens, translated from vernacular to a language that resonates with nutrition science, and more importantly, allow it to support the working woman both nutritionally and emotionally in this phase.

So, in every trimester, I am going to list out the three most important foods that you must incorporate in your plan and follow it with a recommended meal plan. Feel free to tweak the recommended meal plan based on your daily routine, but ensure that these three foods are not forgotten in the daily bhagdod of your zindagi.

The first trimester is easily the most challenging and critical part of your pregnancy, and though the baby will grow on auto-pilot from here on, there are some foods which will help you tide over this phase smoothly.

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Yoga Postures During Pregnancy First Trimester

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Yoga Postures During Pregnancy First Trimester

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Yoga Postures During Pregnancy First Trimester

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Yoga Postures During Pregnancy First Trimester

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