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Yoga postures pictures on Then comes joy (ananda) with two characteristics: joy and egoity, and, finally, egoity (asmita) with itself as the sole characteristic. Vyasa himself never explores the relationship between these levels of concentration and those set out in 1.41ff., though by means of the analysis described above he certainly lays the foundations and sets the direction for such an exploration. Vacaspatimisra equates the vitarka state with savitarka samapatti and the vicara state with savicara samapatti, and each of these is followed by its negation. To the ananda state is added a nirananda samapatti and to the asmita state a nirasmita samapatti. This is quite a neat solution given Vyasa s interpretation of 1. Yoga postures pictures 2016.

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Look under their ‘Browse all published collections’ link to see the full list of digitized records. Many of the same indexes and records can be accessed via the pay to view genealogy websites, Ancestry, Findmypast and the Genealogist websites. In particular, Findmypast has a growing collection of transcripts to parish registers and other regional records provided by local family history societies under a scheme coordinated by the Federation of Family History Societies. These include a comprehensive set of indexes for Cambridgeshire and Norfolk, and an increasing number from Suffolk and Essex. In many cases, the indexes link to a digitised image. However, it is important to be aware that no website includes every parish, or even every type of record featured. I therefore recommend cross-checking against their A to Z list of collections to see exactly what is included and be prepared to search the images yourself if nothing comes up on an index.

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