Yoga Postures For Getting Pregnant

T1F3: Beet

It’s rich in the phytonutrient betalains, known for its antioxidant, detoxification and anti-inflammatory properties. And though beetroot is not a good source of iron (the leaves are), it’s an excellent source of folic acid. It also contains high amounts of manganese, magnesium and copper, and even vitamins like B6 and C. This nutrition profile is good for nerve support, prevents calf pain and varicose veins too. If you can get your hands on beet leaves, eat them too by cooking them like a palak or spinach bhaji; it’s a good source of iron and other minerals.

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How to use it:

• Simply pressure or steam-cook it and eat a beetroot as a part of a meal or a mid-meal by itself.

• Beet poriyal is an excellent and nutrient-rich sabzi that’s easy to cook.

• Add pieces of beetroot to rice or khichdi—easiest way to cook and eat.

The T1 Meal Plan

Timing Meals Notes

Meal i – On rising Dried figs or fresh fruit or dry fruit *1 tsp of gulkand Nuts are a good source of magnesium so are fresh fruits like banana. *If acidity is bad, delay the fruit by 20-30 mins, start with gulkand and give the body time to settle down.

Meal 2 -Breakfast / within 90 mins Ragi satva or daliya *Kadak pav and butter or *Poha or jowar flakes and milk Complete meal, good start to the day. *Options when very acidic or nauseous.

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Yoga Postures For Getting Pregnant

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Yoga Postures For Getting Pregnant

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Yoga Postures For Getting Pregnant

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