Yoga postures for 6th chakra


We have learned several preliminary movements of the Cobra on Pages 17 and 25. The new movements below will complete the routine

5 Forehead rsts on floor as previously learned Arms are at sides

Head and trunk are now raised without aid of hands

0 Trunk is raised as high as possible without aid of hands

~7 Hands are brought in very gracefully from sides and placed in correct position beneath shoulders Trunk then continues to be raised with assistance of hands (move very slowly)

The extreme posture Head is as far back as possible Elbows straight Spine in extreme arch Lower abdomen remains on floor Legs relaxed

Hold without motion for 15

Very slowly begin to lower trunk Return to position of Fig. 17 Gracefully return arms to sides Make back muscles work to support trunk

Slowly return forehead to floor Rest cheek on floor and go completely limp

Note feeling of deep relaxation

Repeat entire routine once…

Yoga postures for 6th chakra Photo Gallery

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