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Within this context we have also seen that until now it was the intellectuals and the high cultural elite who had mainly conducted the yoga discourse. But slowly the underlying social drivers and sentiments were changing. Globally the middle classes were increasingly reorientating, re-constructing and re-guiding their values, beliefs, and activities in light of the uprooting and fragmenting forces of modernity. Thus globally – not only in India – new social interactors under modernity turned to yoga culture (among other things) and made it an integral part of their struggle with their modern religious habitus and life situation. Hence for many, to become involved in yoga culture around the turn of the century was therefore not a question of converting to a new religion, but part of an emerging feature of modernity: the process of individualisation, where the individual selects and compiles a personal lifestyle and belief system according to subjective sentiments. A part of creating a meaningful life and selfidentity within modernity (Giddens 1991)

In India the colonial situation added fuel to this process. So here the yoga sign – as we will investigate soon – became increasingly involved in the specific local life situations, institutions, politics and cultures of late colonial India and its middle classes. The yoga sign became a part of local religious and cultural practices forming and giving meaning to peoples’ lifestyles, habits and self-identities. It spread from the global institutions and books of the elites and moved into the local daily life and institutions of the middle classes and the masses. It became a highly visible cultural practice. In India – propelled by the colonial situation – yoga quickly became a part of what is often (with elitist contempt) termed mass’ or popular’ culture.

Yoga postures 7 chakras for Flowering October. Lower rocky slopes, m, SW KogelBaytoRooiEls. Geissorhiza longifolia G. j. Lewis Goidblatt Plants cm high corm ovoid with woody, concentric tunics. Leaves linear, margins raised into wings, the midrib lightly thickened, sticky and with sand adhering, mm wide. Flowers in a four- to nine-flowered spike, white, fading pink with darker veins, perianth tube mm long, tepals spreading, mm long, stamens and style unilateral and arching downward bracts green. Yoga postures 7 chakras photos, Yoga postures 7 chakras 2016.


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