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Yoga posture on For example, when a particular proposal for housing legislation is under consideration, a legislator may rise to speak in favour of the bill and argue only that decent housing for all the people is desirable. His remarks are then logically irrelevant to the point at issue, for the question concerns the particular measure at hand. Argumentum ad Misericordiam (appeal to pity) The argumentum ad misericordiam is the fallacy committed when pity is appealed to for the sake of getting a conclusion accepted. This argument is frequently encountered in courts of law, when a defence attorney may disregard the facts of the case and seek to win his client s acquittal by arousing pity in the jurymen. Clarence Darrow, the celebrated American trial lawyer, was a master at using this device. In defending Thomas I. Kidd, an officer of the Amalgamated Woodworkers Union, who was indicted on a charge of criminal conspiracy, Darrow spoke these words to the jury: I appeal to you not for Thomas Kidd, but I appeal to you for the long line the long, long line reaching back through the ages and forward to the years to come the long line of despoiled and downtrodden people of the earth. Yoga posture 2016.

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