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Yoga posture names on When commenting on the relationship between Vedic and epic material in general, Van Buitenen points out that the notions of a Vedic age and an epic age, with their suggestions of chronological continuity, are perhaps misleading. He suggests that the substitution of the term milieu for age may be a closer approximation to the true state of affairs since chronological priority of Vedic to post-Vedic notions is not necessarily a fact.12 This in turn goes some way towards supporting Grierson s claim that the developments of the Vedic tradition took place primarily in the midland (madhyadesa), the area around and to the north of Delhi, whilst less brahmanically influenced systems such as Samkhya and Pancaratra developed in the outland, mainly to the east of Delhi.13 Grierson s answer to the question posed earlier about whether Samkhya was developed by Upanisadic teachers or borrowed by them would thus be strongly in favour of the latter alternative, an option also favoured by a number of more recent scholars.14 The evidence of the Mahabharata can also be seen to support such a view since most of the references to Samkhya suggests that it was a well-established system, though perhaps not always uniform in its manifestations. In fact, as Hopkins points out, the system of Kapila is repeatedly declared to be the oldest.15 In the Moksadharma section of Mahabharata 12 a number of teachers are quoted as offering instruction about some form of Samkhya. Yoga posture names 2016.

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